Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Polish Addict Loves nubar Purple Beach

Steph at The Polish Addict recently had a chance to wear our Purple Beach, and she discovered what we've known for a long time: nubar's duochromes are a class apart from all other duochromes. Steph says, "My big beef with duo-chromes is that they generally look ridiculously amazing in the bottle but are much, much less impressive once applied on the nail. Purple Beach is what a duo-chrome should be when applied. "

Steph goes on to tell her readers of Purple Beach, "It’s a gorgeous high intensity duo-chrome that transforms from purple to ash to green. The duo-chrome is very easily seen all the time, not just in special lighting while your fingers are twister tilted in strange directions. It’s perfect in two coats and the application was not fussy." We received her highest praise when she said, "I rarely say this, but Purple Beach is a *must* own color. It’s the type of polish that causes constant distraction and careless driving. Colors like this keep my passion for polish alive." We at nubar are happy to keep The Polish Addict's passion alive!

The full review can be seen on The Polish Addict, and nubar's duochromes, including Purple Beach, can be purchased at www.bynubar.com.

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