Monday, March 9, 2009

The Nailphile Raves About Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat

Today we found Siobhan at The Nailphile sharing her excitement about nubar's Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat while she wore our Ruby Velvet after searching for the perfect red.

She begins by declaring herself a convert to Diamont Seal & Shine, saying, "I mentioned yesterday that I tried Nubar's Diamont Seal & Shine for the first time, was impressed, but not convinced. Today I'm convinced." Siobhan goes on to tell her readers that "the two to three minutes Nubar Diamont took [to completely dry three coats of polish] just blew me away," and that Diamont Seal & Shine is now her favorite top coat. She noticed how special Diamont Seal & Shine is because, "Usually, when I post right after applying a color, my nails are still drying while I type the post. Today, my nails were literally dry by the time I was uploading pictures from my camera to the computer... I don't recall that they have ever been that dry that fast before."

Here are her photographs of Ruby Velvet with Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat.

The full reviews are available on The Nailphile, and both Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat and Ruby Velvet are available now at

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