Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Crystal Files Gives Rave Reviews For nubar's Cleopatra Collection

This week, Hillary at The Crystal Files reviewed nubar's Cleopatra Collection, and we're pleased to discover that she's dazzled by them!

She says, "This is the perfect collection...", and was not only impressed with the colors, but the bottles and the brushes themselves, declaring that, "Since I recently began trying Nubar polishes, I've discovered that I truly love their brush and bottle design." Hillary found the smooth application of nubar polishes noteworthy as well, saying of Isis Purple, "this one applied so beautifully, I was absolutely stunned."

Two of Hillary's favorite colors in this collection are Sphinx Purple and Isis Purple, and she took photos of all eight of the Cleopatra Collection colors and reviewed them in her article Crystal File 068: Nubar Cleopatra Collection. Here are some highlight photographs.

Sphinx Purple

Isis Purple

You can read Hillary's full review at The Crystal Files, and the Cleopatra Collection is available online at

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