Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Nailphile Reviews nubar's Cleopatra Collection

We're making some exciting changes here at nubar in the coming months, and one of those changes is our new blog. We hope you enjoy it, and that you come back to visit often.

We discovered that The Nailphile had recently reviewed the new Cleopatra Collection, and she's very excited about it. She says, "I melted into a little puddle when I saw them," and that she ran into a the some trouble trying to select which she liked best: "As I swatched these, I started a color and decided, "This is my favorite," moved on to the next, decided, "This is my favorite," and did that for the whole thing. I've simply concluded that I cannot pick a favorite..." It sounds like nubar really impressed her with this collection!

Here are her pictures of Passionate Purple, about which she said, "The grand finale is the blurple to end all blurples: Passionate Purple. It's a deeply colored blue purple, but the far from black. It's distinctly blurple and sparkly on the nail in normal lighting."

If you'd like to see the whole collection and more of what she had to say, take a look at her review. The Cleopatra Collection is now available at bynubar.com.

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