Friday, October 29, 2010

nubar's Finest Silks Are a Hit with Scrangie

When Scrangie reviewed nubar's Finest Silks Collection, she was especially impressed with nubar's smooth formula. She said, "The formula on these was just perfect. Dreamy. Flawless, effortless application... Drying time is good and I experienced no problems with the texture, application or brushes. The formula was really, really great, I am impressed with it more than I am with the colors."

Of the collection as a whole she said, "The press release states that they were aiming for a collection of timeless colors for every skintone with the benefit of a two-coat coverage formula, and that's exactly what they've created."

nubar Pekin Nail Lacquer
Scrangie's Photo of nubar Pekin

nubar's Finest Silks Collection is available now at

Friday, October 15, 2010

nubar's Finest Silks Released

Traveling the Silk Road for inspiration, nubar introduces Finest Silks on October 15th, a collection of eight luxuriously silky shades which provide complete coverage in two coats. Effortlessly feminine with a thoroughly modern palette, these lovely new shades flatter every finger and lend themselves to the fluid, graceful silhouettes see on runways around the world.

Just as women love the shine and drape of silk, the love the sophistication of a classic nail polish. The shades of Finest Silks collection range to be universally appealing and beautiful on every woman.

Always free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene, the nail lacquers in Finest Silks are:
NS280 Organza - an intense pearl white
NA281 Taffeta - a pale peachy brown
NS282 Marabout - a deep muted brown
NS283 Pekin - a rich dark red
NS284 Chiffon - a muted brown
NS285 Moire- a light reddish brown
NS286 Charmeuse - a neutral blush
NS287 Sateen - a deep vivid red
The collection has been reviewed by Also Known As and The Hungry Asian. On Also Known As, Kellie says, "I think everyone can find something they love in this collection," and she was impressed with Organza, while The Hungry Asian favored Sateen.

nubar Organza Nail Lacquer
Also Know As Photo of nubar Organza

nubar Sateen Nail Lacquer
The Hungry Asian's Photo of nubar Sateen

The Finest Silks Collection will be available today on