Saturday, June 26, 2010

nubar's Venetian Glass Collection Coming June 30

nubar's Venetian Glass Collection will be available at on June 30, 2010, and it's already a hit in early reviews.

Stephanie at Steph's Closet swatched all eight glass flecked shades on paper to show her readers the full collection, and told them, "You need Verde if you love unique greens!"

nubar Venetian Glass Collection
Stephanie's Swatches of nubar's Venetian Glass Collection

nubar's exceptionally pigmented formula was noted by several reviewers.  Scandously Polished says, "These are so packed with glass-fleck I think I'd almost call them semi-foil...I LOVE glass fleck! Its so smooth...The formula on these was great, the standard I've come to anticipate from Nubar...I like it that Nubar breaks out of the box and releases collection other companies don't. "  Brooke at Getcha Nails Did adds, "...these colors just scream leaves changing colors and autumn weather... These have vivid hues and a strong glass flecked shimmer with rich color saturation."  Siobhan at The Nailphile was impressed too, stating that, "I was excited about opaque glass flecked polishes, since most glass flecked are pretty sheer on me."  These ladies photographed all eight shades on the nail, and here are some highlights from each of them.

nubar Bronzo Nail Polish
Scandalously Polished in nubar Bronzo

nubar Rosso Nail Polish
Brooke in nubar Rosso

nubar Oro Nail Polish
Siobhan in nubar Oro

nubar Caramello Nail Polish
Siobhan in nubar Caramello

Other reviewers are also impressed with our Venetian Glass Collection.  Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss says, "Vino is a sexy vampy wine with copper shimmer *I did squee when I saw this one*."

nubar Vino Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss in nubar Vino

She also likes Arencia, "a vivid orange with yellow/golden glowy shimmer."

nubar Arencia Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss in nubar Arencia

Beautopia enjoyed Vaso, calling it, "a light and delicate shade that contrasts nicely with the brash and bold fiery tones in this collection."

nubar Vaso Nail Polish
Beautopia in nubar Vaso

The standout favorite shade amongst the reviewers from nubar's Venetian Glass Collection seems to be Verde, about which Beautopia says, "This one is AMAZING! It's got a blue base and it's full of green and golden foil shimmer that floats on top. It's super pigmented and applies like a dream. This is just beyond words!"

nubar Verde Nail Polish
Beautopia in nubar Verde

Retailing for $7.49 each or $49.95 for the collection of eight shades, nubar's Venetian Glass Collection will be available at on the 30th of June.