Monday, June 22, 2009

Scrangie Reviews Going Green

Scrangie recently reviewed nubar's limited edition Going Green Collection, which is now available online.

Of the collection as a whole, she said, "A collection of greens, with a holo AND a duochrome?! Somebody pinch me! I must be dreaming! Wait, if this really is a dream, don't wake me up!" She went on to tell her readers that,"The formula on these is *perfect*. Nubar has mastered the three-free formula. All the polishes are opaque in two coats, and they're so pigmented that they're almost totally opaque in one coat."

Highlights of her review are her appreciation of Greener: "Greener. Dark green shimmer. HO-LY COW. Can you believe this?? This is... quite possibly... my favorite green shimmer ever. It's so deep and dark and velvety looking. And it's so amazingly shimmery without being glittery that it has tons of depth. You might want to view the full size of the indoor/shade picture because it picked up the shimmer really well. This shade is unbelievable. Backup worthy. Multiple backup worthy, even."

Scrangie in Greener

Of Reclaim, she said, "Reclaim. Green holographic. Green holo!! I can barely believe my eyes. This collection is not holding back, is it? Green holo is something that's been missing from the world of polish. We have pastel green holo, but not a 'real', darker, pronounced, grassy green holo. The holo in this is ... smooth and linear. Fabulous."

Scrangie in Reclaim

Wildlife impressed her as well, "This is a crazy strong duochrome, which I love. You don't really have to go into different lighting or hold your nails at extreme angles to see the duochrome effect of this. It's always flashing both colors. "

Scrangie in Wildlife

Scrangie's full review, which has excellent photographs of all six Going Green shades, can be viewed here, and the collection is currently available at

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