Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going Green with Nubar Preview from The Nailphile

Siobhan of The Nailphile previewed nubar's Going Green with nubar Collection earlier this month, a limited edition collection that you will see soon from nubar. Highlights of the collection include Earth and Reclaim, pictured below.

nubar Green Nail Polish
The Nailphile in nubar Earth

nubar Going Green Nail Polish
The Nailphile in nubar Reclaim

The Nailphile's complete review shows her readers five of the six upcoming colors, all of six which are coming soon to www.bynubar.com.


  1. Soon when?
    Days? Weeks? I need a date!

  2. Will this come as a set too? How soon can we place orders for this collection? I need these greens!!! All of them!!! LOL!

  3. We've placed the "Coming Soon" banner on www.bynubar.com, and we'll have the Going Green Collection available for you SOON!