Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Eden Collection

Paradise does exist! - Nubar’s new collection, Eden will make you a believer. A complete treat for your nails, the Eden collection brings lush gardens, windswept skies, sly serpents, and forbidden fruits to life.

The Eden Collection introduces 8 fabulous new colors to the Nubar family; Moss Mistress, Tulips to Kiss You With, Calla Lilly Caramel, Dare You to Dragonfly, Rockin’ the Garden, Wild Blue Yonder, Dahlia Up Later, and A-Peel-Ing. Bringing users the garden’s creative energy and ethereal beauty, The Eden Collection is now available online.

Moss Mistress looks completely unique and somewhat mysterious. A cross between mustard and lime; this tone will make you think of the talking serpent that enticed Adam and Eve with the apple!

Tulips to Kiss You With is a vibrant pink tone that awakens the mind, body, and soul. It’s the perfect balance of pretty and punk, and is great to wear during warm weather months.

Calla LillyCaramel is a delicious mix of rich tones that looks seductive and sultry. It’s the perfect marriage between plum and chocolate and looks as scrumptious as it sounds.

Dare You to Dragonfly is an enchanting green tone that will remind you of the area of the ocean where the sea meets the shore. It’s serene and sacred, much like the Garden of Eden itself.


Rockin’ the Garden will make you think of a cloudless day, right before the sun sets in a tropical paradise. It’s hearty and hip, as it’s a combination of tropical tones like purple and blue.

Wild BlueYonder is a color that tries to look innocent, but simply cannot.  An exuberant shade of blue- think shiny berries growing on some of Eden’s vast vegetation.

Dahlia Up Later is the definition of passion and romance. A warm petal and purple tone; it will make you think of a pair of lovers strolling in a flower field filled with this pretty, organic shade.

A-Peel-ing is warm and fiery, filled with passion and emotion. Perhaps the color that spreads across the sky at the sun’s first light; it’s a fierce blend of orange and red.

The added bonus when choosing from these magical colors is that Nubar polishes are super safe for everyone. If you value your health and have declared yourself completely eco-chic, you’ll love that every Eden product is vegan, non-toxic, and completely cruelty free. Your conscious can be clear while applying and drying!

Try A Few Tips From Our Experts: 

Try a base coat of Wild Blue Yonder followed by a French manicure style “tip” of the Moss Mistress (this even looks cool on your tootsies!). This color combo is completely in style.  Two toned nails are always fun and flirty.

Paint all of your nails one color but designate one nail on each hand to showcase an accent color. Shades like Calla Lilly Caramel and Dare You to Dragonfly will completely complement each other, or simply applying a bright shade like A-Peel-Ing or Tulips to Kiss You With to your clear or nude toned nails will also create a winning, wow factor look and shake things up a bit.

Polka dots and stripes are a huge hit this year, so don’t be afraid to experiment with playful prints and designs.

If you're excited about the sizzling shades in the Eden Collection. Don't wait any longer! The collection is online now and is sure to become your go-to color pallet.

Meet you in Eden.

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