Saturday, January 30, 2010

nubar's Sparkles Collection

nubar's Sparkles Collection became available today, after receiving exceptional reviews in previews.

Of the collection, Scrangie said, "I am totally over-the-moon in love with this collection... Love love love love love..." and The Nailphile told her readers, "They are... more than I'd hoped for." Brooke at Getcha Nails Did was equally excited about the Sparkles Collection, and the exceptional photographs from these reviews show why there's so much enthusiasm.

nubar Hyacinth Sparkle
Scrangie says of Hyacinth Sparkle, " totally blew me away. It's not dull or sheer at all, it's sparkly and colorful! Pretty unique shade as well, vibrant purple glitters are *very* rare."

nubar Petunia Sparkle
The Nailphile's favorite is Petunia Sparkle.

nubar Star Sparkle
Brooke says Star Sparkles is, "Super duper gorgeous!! I love this polish with a passion."

nubar Meadow Sparkle
The Nailphile in Meadow Sparkle

nubar Sky Sparkle
Srangie says, "Sky Sparkle. Bright turquoise-ish blue. It's mostly blue but seems to have something a little extra..."

nubar Fire Sparkle
Brooke says of Fire Sparkle, "This is one of the nicest OPAQUE red glitter polishes I have used... Perfection!"

nubar Night Sparkle
Brooke's comment on Night Sparkles is: "Whoooohoooo baby is this one pretty! I kept thinking this is what Dorothy Who? should have looked like."

nubar Sky Sparkle
Scrangie says, "Violet Sparkle. Saved the best for last. This is AMAZING. I can't even tell you how incredible this is. I have been waiting for a glitter like this forever, it seems. It is a super colorful, bright, bold, vibrant, saturated PURPLE!!! glitter. It's a little more sheer than the others so I did three coats here, but it is well worth it. This could be my favorite glitter of all time. I can't even tell you how excited I am that this polish exists."

The Sparkles Collection is available now at for $49.95, or the colors retail for $7.49 each.


  1. Gorgeous! I really like Violet Sparkle, Hyacinth Sparkle, Night Sparkle,... ah heck I need them all.
    Too bad Nubar isn't available in the Netherlands. :(

  2. I didn't know there was a Nubar blog! I recently got Night Sparkle and it's fantastic. I haven't worn it for a full manicure yet, but I loved it the instant I swatched it. I'm waiting for a really sunny day so I can enjoy the glitter at it's fullest potential.

  3. Ooooh, glitter! Opaque glitter! In (almost) every color of the rainbow! I think Nubar has been getting into my head, because every collection lately has been instant wishlist material! ☺

  4. love this glitter !!! i need them !!